A family Story

Alain De Nys fell into the world of timepieces when he was young. This timekeeping enthusiast inherited a passion for watch-making from his mother, who in turn inherited it from her father.

In 1932, the grand father of Alain De Nys, Ali Kinsbergen, launched the famous Pontiac brand in Belgium..

At the end of the 1960s, Alain Nys’ mother, Johanna Kinsbergen, took up the torch..

In 1986, Alain De Nys was twenty years old at the time. He brought with his mother the famous Breitling watches to Belgium and Luxembourg and represented them for 18 years.

In 2004, Alain De Nys was in Canada, negotiating with the Canadair giant Bombardier.He convinced the Canadian company to make watches . Leaving the manufacturing to the pros in the Swiss Jura, Alain took care of the design, marketing and distribution of Bombardier, top-class technical timepieces.

Futur and next project

In 2010, the GMT-Chronographs brand, with prices ranging between €250 and €845 was born. These are sporty-looking watches within everyone’s pocket, and more specifically dedicated to motor sports fans including aviators and drivers. A collection which combines the elegance and precision of aviation and the professionalism of pilots .

GMT-Chronographs plays an active role in the world of sports, and the brand is proud to be a sponsor & partner for various sports events such as tennis, golf and hockey tournaments, show jumping and all kinds of motor sports races.

The time is running…



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