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The Commander

After the Para-Commando collection, here is The Commander

The Para-Commando was only reserved to the Para-Commando of Belgium.
The Commander is open to everyone, just check it out!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The Para-Commando

2 limited editions you can only own if you are part of the Para-Commando of Belgium.

Discover the different watches of the Belgian Para-Commando.

The Vintage 63

Back to the 60’s with our Vintage 63 collection

Meet the team of Joe, Al, Bob,…

The Urban Chrono

Your timepiece for your business outfit but also your casual friday one.

Discover the different watches of the Urban Chrono collection.

The Timer

Your new dive partner.

Designed to fly and sport, the Timer is also your perfect partner for your dives..

The Pilot

Cars, planes, bikes or others?

The Pilot collection will meet what you expect of a sport watch..

The Bullet

More classic, the Bullet goes everywhere.

The Bullet will join you everywhere you go and whatever you do.